• Introducing H2flow's patent-pending LevelSmart™ Autofill System; a breakthrough in wireless water level management that works in perfect harmony with existing pool, spa, fountain and water feature equipment.

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  • Check out H2flow's award-winning FlowVis® flow meter; the most advanced, affordable, and reliable precision flow meter designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains, and water features.

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  • ISP Chemicals, Inc. installs M20 shaft power monitors to reduce annual maintenance costs by $90,000.

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  • Learn more about H2flow's energy saving Variable Frequency Drive solutions for the Pool & Spa and Industrial markets.

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  • FlowVis® becomes the first flow meter in the pool & spa industry to receive NSF certification.

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Featured Case Studies

Emotron Pump Control Distributes Heat in Sollentuna

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Wireless Water Leveling

At last, a reliable wireless water leveling system for your home pool or spa. Introducing the patent-pending LevelSmart™ AutoFill System, from H2flow.

LevelSmart™ installs quickly and easily and works in perfect harmony with your existing equipment to maintain a constant water level in your swimming pool, spa, fountain or water feature.

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