FlowVis® receives NSF 50 Certification

H2flow is pleased to announce that its revolutionary, patent pending FlowVis® flow meter is now the first and only flow meter in the pool industry to receive NSF 50 Certification.

NSF International is an independent third-party testing company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. FlowVis® underwent an extensive array NSF 50 Certification Markof tests at NSF's facilities to confirm accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. The tests, which concluded with NSF 50 Certification on October 9th, determined that FlowVis® has a staggering average accuracy of 2.01% in its operating range of 20 - 110 GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Further, tests also proved that this accuracy is completely unaffected by the installed proximity of FlowVis® to elbows, tees, and other pipe fittings.

"We're thrilled about receiving NSF 50 Certification for FlowVis®", said H2flow President & CEO, Paul Hackett. "Having the only flow meter in the pool industry to receive approval from a third-party testing company really is a testament to the product and our company. We're extremely excited about what this means for the success of the product moving forward."

FlowVis®, which was developed by Dr. Richard DeVerse of Kona Labs of HI and Mick Chavez-Pardini of Kai Pono Builders of HI, has gained significant traction within the pool industry, and is quickly becoming recognized as a revolution in reliable flow measurement.

For additional information about FlowVis®, click here to visit the product page, or contact us